About us

HDMS is a non-profit organisation established by dedicated Australian Muslims striving to serve our growing community in the North-West District of Sydney, Australia.

Our members comprise of Muslims who live &/or work in the Hills District of Sydney. Insha’Allah (God willing) our goal is to bring the Hills community together to serve each other and the wider Australian community.

HDMS Values include:

  • Sincerity & Excellence in Everything we do
  • Knowledge That Benefits our Community, Australia and the whole World
  • Unity through best of manners and universal Brotherhood/Sisterhood

Meet the HDMS Team 2020

  • President: Sohail Shamsi
  • Vice President: Tarek Akhari
  • Imam: Sheikh/ Saleh Gahit
  • Treasurer: Kamal Pasha
  • Secretary: Ibrhaim Kadomi
  • General Member: Ihsanullah Khalil
  • General Member: Ashfaq  Monowar
  • General Member: Qutub Siddiqui